Hybrid Solar Panel, Two in One

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A hybrid solar panel is a technological innovation that combines photovoltaic and thermal energy. This technology, still relatively unknown, is a “two-in-one” solution that is more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly than simple photovoltaic or thermal energy. Thus, this solar technology makes it possible to generate electricity and hot water simultaneously for the same building. The general idea of the hybrid solar panel is to be a combination of traditional photovoltaic technology and solar thermal collectors. However, Abora Solar and its aHTech technology has gone a step further in hybrid solar technology by innovating even more to offer the most efficient and effective solar panel in the world.

How does a hybrid solar panel work?

The hybrid solar panel has a very intelligent operation. In simple terms, the hybrid solar panel has high efficiency thermal collectors on the back of the panel and photovoltaic solar cells on the front. These convert solar energy into electricity and at the same time the thermal collectors recover the heat emitted by the sun through a heat transfer fluid or hot air collector.

tecnología panel híbrido

Thus, it is possible to generate electricity and heat simultaneously thanks to its two clearly differentiated operating layers:

  • The top layer consists of photovoltaic cells that produce electricity by capturing protons emitted by solar radiation.
  • The bottom layer is equipped with a solar thermal collector that captures the heat emitted by the sun.


Combining the characteristics of photovoltaic and thermal panels, hybrid solar panels, known as PV/T, are based on the principle of solar cogeneration, which allows them:

  • Generate electricity to light your home and power all the appliances installed in your home from natural energy.
  • It produces heat to heat water, a swimming pool, ambient air or even to run your underfloor heating system.


What are the differences?

Let’s go back to the photovoltaic solar panel. In general, it is capable of capturing 20% in the form of photovoltaic energy. The remaining 80% of the energy is lost through reflection of the sun’s rays and heat loss.


The PVT, on the other hand, integrates a photovoltaic panel and a water circuit at the rear. In theory, it converts the thermal losses at the back of the panel (40%) into solar thermal energy. This implies an efficiency of 60%.


In practice, however, this is far from the case. In fact, heat loss to the rear is lost through the front. Only 5% is converted into solar thermal energy. Therefore, the total efficiency is only 25%.


Abora Solar’s hybrid solar panel is equipped with aHTech technology that reduces heat loss. The solar thermal energy is increased by up to 70%, as well as the photovoltaic energy. The efficiency of the panel with aHTech is then 89%. With aHTech technology, you will have the most efficient hybrid solar panel in the world, as our technology produces the same energy as 4 photovoltaic solar panels and takes advantage of 89% of the solar irradiation.


Benefits of hybrid solar panels with aHTech technology

  • Higher generation per square metre of aHTech® technology.
  • Higher performance of the technology
  • Greater solar contribution of DHW per square metre, for the same collector surface area, twice the solar coverage of the hot water in the building is achieved.
  • Greater economic savings
  • Lower payback with aHTech® technology.
  • Higher IRR.
  • Higher cumulative cash flow
  • Higher emission reduction, 50% more emissions avoided thanks to aHTech® technology.
  • Lower energy price cost, 50% less with aHTech®.

Hybrid solar energy: Installation and price

You don’t need to live in the south to consider installing a hybrid solar panel. In fact, you can install hybrid solar panels and enjoy all the advantages, all you need is…. a roof! Installing hybrid solar panels involves attaching them to the roof, installing the wiring and electrical equipment and connecting them to the building’s hydraulics.

Every installation is different because every roof is different. But don’t worry, thanks to our MyHybridProject app you can get a quote for your installation in just a few clicks.

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