How can solar panels help the dairy industry?

Published On: 09/02/2021-2 min read-

A hybrid solar installation is very profitable for the dairy industry

Industries can have both hot water and electricity consumption. However, there are some sectors in which the thermal demand is very high due to their manufacturing processes. Is yours between them?

In this post, we are going to talk about the dairy industry and the advantages of a solar installation in this sector. It is one of the industries that have a high thermal and electrical demand due to its manufacturing process of milk, cheese, butter, cream and yoghurts.

In which processes do we find the highest energy consumption?

The highest energy consumption is found in the manufacturing process of dairy products, with a predominance of thermal energy consumption. According to a study by the Regional Activity Centre for Cleaner Production (RAC/CP), of all the energy consumed in these industries, 80% is thermal energy and 20% is electrical energy.

The operations with the highest consumption of thermal energy are pasteurisation or sterilisation of milk, as well as cleaning and disinfection of material and installations. The operations with the highest energy consumption according to the type of product being produced are shown below:

How can hybrid solar panels help the dairy industry?

Abora’s hybrid solar panels with aHTech® technology are ideal for the dairy industry due to their high simultaneous production of thermal and electrical energy.

Thanks to the hybrid solar installation, you will considerably reduce your energy costs (diesel, propane, electricity, etc.). In addition, you will make your company more profitable and therefore more competitive. Furthermore, not only will you have a short payback period, but it is the technology that will save you the most over its useful life (25 years).

As an example, an installation of 360 hybrid panels can be amortised in just 4 years, and your company could save more than 4 million euros over the lifetime of the installation.

Because it is cost-effective, it can be financed. This means that you can carry out the installation without investment, and the savings generated from the first month will be greater than the financing instalment, allowing you to save from day one, and without having to pay the initial investment.

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