“Working together is not what makes us a team. Respect, trust and care for the rest make us a team. We are an ecosystem.”

Alejandro del Amo
Alejandro del AmoCEO - Chief Executive Officer
Marta Cañada
Marta Cañada CTO - Chief Technology Officer
Vicente Zarate
Vicente ZarateCOO - Chief Operating Officer
Ricardo Lara
Ricardo Lara CQO - Chief Quality Officer
Roberto Pac
Roberto PacCMO - Chief Marketing Officer
Bianca Sagarra
Bianca SagarraCSO - Chief Sales Officer
Daniel Catalán
Daniel CatalánCFO-Chief Financial Officer
Christophe Blanc
Christophe BlancBusiness developer
Fernando Pérez
Fernando PérezTechnical Officer Manager
Ngom Sambou
Ngom SambouManufacturing Manager
Mariano Fierro
Mariano FierroPurchasing Manager
Francisco Verge
Francisco VergeQuality and Logistics Manager
Sandrine Pitel
Sandrine PitelChargèe d'affaires France
Daniel Isiegas
Daniel IsiegasSales Engineer
Antón San Sebastián
Antón San SebastiánSales Engineer
Marc Sererols
Marc SererolsSales Engineer
Azucena Ortega
Azucena OrtegaSales Technician
Mapi Hernández
Mapi HernándezFinance and Human Resources Department
Marta López
Marta LópezTechnical Department
Javier González
Javier GonzálezTechnical Department
Telmo Zubiri
Telmo ZubiriTechnical Department
Anne Julie Mahaut
Anne Julie MahautCopywriter