We are Abora

Abora is a Spanish company formed by people with a large background experience in the field of solar energy, designing, developing and manufacturing of hybrid solar panels.


Maximize the profitability of the environmental resources with our technological innovation and service in order to benefit the planet and its people.


To be the solar technology leaders worldwide, being recognized by our social responsibility, quality and constant innovation, without forgetting efficiency and our client’s needs.

An ideal brought to reality

Abora was created in 2017 by PhD. Alejandro del Amo, international expert on renewable energy. After years researching about hybrid solar technology, he is able to develop an ambitious business project: Manufacture the most efficient hybrid solar panels in the market. To accomplish it, he surrounds himself with trusted people and sets what will be the bases of Abora: an innovative company with a strong social and environmental responsibility.

The idea of Abora has a great reception among several groups of investors. Thanks to them, the company is able to grow fast and make the team bigger. At the beginning, Abora increases exponentially its sales of hybrid solar installations by introducing its innovative product in worldwide fares and winning international prestigious awards.

Abora’s vocation is to expand its products to other places around the world where the developed solar technology can be used to generate important benefits to their population. Following that plan, Abora has carried out installations in different European and Latin-American countries, as well as designed studies in all 5 continents.

Abora grows upon these Values

Abora grows upon these Values


We seek to continuously improve our technology, and apply innovation in all the processes of our company.


We give great importance to quality standards, both in the manufacturing process and in the final product.
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Fully committed to the sustainability of the planet and with responsibility towards people based on our code of ethics.
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