The most cost-effective solar panel in the world.

Abora Solar designs, develops and manufactures the world’s most cost-effective solar panel with an efficiency of 89%, achieving a certified world record. The hybrid solar panel with aHTech® technology produces the same energy as 4 photovoltaic panels.

Certificates of the panel

The first Uncovered PVT certified Solar Keymark.

aHTech®, the innovation that makes the difference.

Abora Solar, with its aHTech® technology, has gone one step further in the evolution of solar technology, innovating even more to achieve the solar panel that generates the most energy per m2 and taking full advantage of your rooftop.

The aHTech® technology consists of a series of layers whose its design and layout minimise the thermal losses of the panel and maximise electricity production thanks to the cooling obtained from the photovoltaic cells.

The Hybrid Solar Panel, the two-in-one solution.

A hybrid solar panel allows you to generate electricity and hot water simultaneously. Thanks to its efficiency, you take full advantage of solar radiation.

Thanks to their dual generation of energy, electricity and heat, our hybrid solar panels quietly convert sunlight to energy for decades to come. Hybrid technology allows you to obtain four times more energy than photovoltaics in a minimum of space.

The best solar technology for your industry.

Use solar energy to make your business more competitive in the market and to reduce your energy bills and CO2 emissions. Our solar panels are the right solution for your industry offering you the best performance and cost-effectiveness in the market.

Visualise in real time your solar installation

Visualise your solar system from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day with our monitoring system. See the energy generated in real time and your savings achieved thanks to your installation.

  • Visualisation of your energy production

  • View your savings

  • Alerts configuration
  • Easy integration

Make your installation profitable from day one.

Use solar energy to supply power to your building and reduce your dependence on the electricity grid. Save money with our solar panel and take control of your energy bill from day one of your hybrid solar installation.


In energy bills through solar coverage

530 Kg/CO2

Emission savings per panel each year

Our panels have already reached 38 countries around the world.

We bring solar energy to every rooftop in the world, and we already count 38 installations all around the world.

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