panel solar hibrido

The most efficient solar panel in the world

An Abora hybrid solar panel with aHTech produces the same energy as 5 photovoltaic solar panels. Thanks to this high efficiency, a hybrid installation pays for itself in a short time, being the most profitable solar technology on the market.

Panel models

Abora markets 2 hybrid solar panels: the aH72SK and H60SK models. Download their technical sheets.

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How does it work?

A hybrid solar panel is capable of simultaneously generating electricity and hot water, and this results in multiple applications.

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Types of installation

The installation of hybrid solar panels together with other auxiliary systems will make it possible to adapt solar technology to your needs.

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panel solar hibrido

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When will my facility become profitable?

Take a look at our Projects section, there you will see the latest installations carried out and the time required to recover the investment, which ranges from 4 to 6 years depending on the sector.


aHTech® technology is the key point of our hybrid solar panels. This innovative technology consists of a series of insulating layers whose design and arrangement manage to minimize the thermal losses of the panel and maximize electrical production thanks to the cooling obtained from the photovoltaic cells.

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Monitor your savings

See on your mobile device the savings you get with the sun. aH Monitor allows you to see the energy generated by your building, and the economic savings achieved with your installation of hybrid panels.

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