The Hybrid Solar Panel produces electricity and heat simultaneously

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Thermal Spec.

Electric Spec.

The Abora hybrid solar panel with aHTech® technology is a technological innovation that allows the production of electricity and heat simultaneously. This is possible because our hybrid solar panel has high-efficiency thermal collectors on the back of the panel and photovoltaic solar cells on the front. These convert solar energy into electricity and at the same time the thermal collectors collect the radiation emitted by the sun and convert it into heat. Our aHTech® technology goes further than any other solar panel as it reduces energy losses, making our panel the most efficient solar panel in the world.

Cell type: Mono-crystalline
Rated power (W): 350 W
Maximum power voltage (Vmpp): 39,86 V
Maximum power current (Impp): 8,76 A
Open circuit voltage (Voc): 48,61 V
Short circuit current (Isc): 9,16 A
Module efficiency (%): 17,8
Power tolerance (W): 0/+4%
Maximum system voltage: DC 1000 V (IEC)
Backsheet: Black
Temperature coefficient of Pmpp: -0,36%/ºC
Temperature coefficient of Voc: -0,28%/ºC
Temperature coefficient of Isc: +0,06%/ºC
Maximum reverse current: 15 A
NOCT Temperature*: 45+/-2 ºC

Optical performance: 0,7
Coefficient of thermal losses, a1: 5,98 W/m².K
Coefficient of thermal losses, a2: 0,00 W/m².K²
Internal liquid capacitance: 1,78 L
Stagnation temperature: 126ºC
Number of hydraulic connections: 4 connections
Measure Hydraulic connection: quick connect
Maximum permissible pressure: 10 bar
Nominal flow: 60 L/h

The Hybrid Solar Panel produces 4 times more energy per m2.

Hybrid solar panels with aHTech® technology are certified and patented as the most efficient solar panel in the world with an efficiency of 89%. This high efficiency translates directly into cost effectiveness as our panel will produce more energy in a smaller space.

//Point 1 - Kit Conexión Electrica (x,y,z)
Connection type PV Solarlok PV4 /1m
//Point 2 - CELULAS(x,y,z)
photovoltaic cell
//Point 3 (x,y,z) - SALIDA BANCADA
//Point 4 (x,y,z) - TAPÓN
//Point 5 (x,y,z) - COMPENSADORES
//Point 6 (x,y,z) - ENTRADA BANCADA
//Point 7 (x,y,z) - TAPON
//Point 8 (x,y,z) - COMPENSADORES

The solar panel made in Europe

The hybrid solar panel and its aHTech® technology have been entirely designed and developed by our R&D department in Zaragoza.

The quality of our panels is fully guaranteed, meeting the highest quality standards in Europe and worldwide. We manufacture our panel in its entirety in our factory in Zaragoza, a product 100% made in Europe. In addition, all our panels are tested in our factory before shipment to guarantee our customers quality, service and performance.

The easiest and best installation

Our Abora hybrid solar panels are extremely easy to install thanks to their structure, which is adapted to the inclination of your roof and to any surface. Thanks to the software we have developed, we can provide you with an estimate of the most optimal installation for your building, taking into account possible obstacles. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can accompany you in your project.

Monitor your hybrid solar installation in real time

Visualise your solar installation from anywhere at any time with our monitoring system. Monitor the energy produced in real time as well as your savings and the CO2emissions avoided in the atmosphere.

  • Visualisation of your energy production
  • Visualisation of your savings

  • Configure alerts

  • Easy integration

Write us, we will answer you as soon as possible.