aHMonitor Monitoring

Intelligent surveillance of your solar facility

The aHMonitor communicates with PV inverters and solar thermal controllers collecting a wealth of data to monitor the thermal and electrical performance of hybrid solar facilities from a single platform.

Find out the energy produced, savings generated and emissions avoided

Prevent potential problems with automatic alerts and reports via email

Available on web platform and mobile app for IOS and Android

Plug & Play design for easy and interactive installation

Simple visualisation with complex capabilities

The aHMonitor platform provides different levels of analysis, allowing you to observe the overall performance at a first glance, as well as to perform more complex analyses by comparing the more than 40 variables from the thermal regulators and inverters.

aHMonitor analyses the profitability of your solar installation by monitoring the energy production and optimising maintenance interventions

The aHMonitor collects information about the operation of the installation and communicates with photovoltaic inverters and solar thermal controllers. Its innovative technology enables communication with numerous leading brands in the solar market. The integration of our technology with leading brands guarantees our customers access to high quality information.

Compatible equipment

aHMonitor working