Abora Solar becomes a member of the Chamber of Commerce

Published On: 05/01/2022-1.5 min read-

On 22 September we officially became members of the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This is great news for our young company, which is only 4 years old. In fact, this marks a turning point for us: our efforts are paying off and we are making progress. We are making our way!

We are already part of the Camera Club

Abora Solar has joined the business platform of the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce. Specifically, it joins the Cámara Fórum Plus Club. The director of Cámara Zaragoza, José Miguel Sánchez, ratified the agreement with our CEO and founder of the company, Alejandro del Amo.

The Forum Plus Club is a club that allows us to maximize our visibility and notoriety in the business market of Zaragoza.

But what is the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce and what is it for?

The Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services is a public law Corporation whose mission is to represent, promote and defend the general interests of Commerce, Industry and Services, as well as to take a stance on all issues of interest to the business sector in Zaragoza, acting as a consultative and collaborative body with public administrations and by providing services of differential value, on the following bases: Support for entrepreneurs, development of training actions, promotion of foreign trade, continuous innovation attitude, promotion of sustainable development and a culture that favours the protection of the environment.

Its mission is to meet the needs of companies by committing itself to their growth in markets, people and brand, collaborating with them to implement clear and concrete plans of action. Its objective is to represent, promote and defend the general interests of commerce, industry and services.


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