Abora has developed 2 solar panels to date: The model ah60 and the ah72. Both panels have aesthetic variations and functionalities. Discover them.

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The aH60 and aH72 hybrid solar panels developed and manufactured by Abora have the latest technology (aH Technology) in hybrid solar panels. With aH Technology the thermal losses of the panel are minimized, as well as photovoltaic production is maximized thanks to the cooling that It is obtained from photovoltaic cells.


A hybrid solar panel is capable of generating electricity and hot water simultaneously thanks to solar energy. For this, it has photovoltaic cells that produce electricity and a hydraulic system that heats the water, minimizing thermal losses and maximizing photovoltaic production.

Therefore, thanks to the fact that all the energy is captured only from the sun, the amount of CO2 that is emitted to the atmosphere is zero, thus protecting the environment. This has been the evolution of hybrid solar panels since its inception 25 years ago.

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