paneles solares

How does a hybrid solar panel work?

A hybrid solar panel is capable of simultaneously generating electricity and hot water. It achieves this by having photovoltaic cells that produce electricity and, on the same panel, a hydraulic system that heats the water. Depending on the needs of the sector, an installation of the panels is custom-made, which can lead to multiple applications such as:

Electricity Production

Nowadays, all buildings consume electricity, and in many cases it involves large amounts of money. Thanks to solar energy and aHTech® technology, you can generate your own electricity, reducing the cost of the electric bill by up to 100%.

Hot Water Production

The consumption of hot water of a building supposes, on average, 20% of all the thermal demand of the building. This consumption can be generated with solar energy directly, without the need to consume electricity, gas or diesel to produce your own hot water.


In any building, the energy cost of heating represents 80% of the total energy cost. This supposes high economic costs that can be reduced up to 100% thanks to solar energy. In addition, there is a constant rise in the prices of electricity, gas and diesel, which we will not have with the sun, therefore year after year the savings in energy bills will rise.


The heat of the sun can cool your building in the hottest months. This is possible thanks to aHTech® technology and an adsorption machine. Furthermore, since hybrid solar panels produce electricity and hot water, we achieve the so-called solar trigeneration. It allows you to generate your hot water and heat and cool your building with solar energy.

Pool heating

Solar panels with aHTech® technology allow you to heat your pool so you can enjoy it all year round. In addition, the electricity consumed by the pool’s hydraulic system (pumps) is produced by solar energy. In this way, you can have your pool at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, regardless of whether it is winter or summer, and it is the most profitable technology in this type of facility.

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