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At Abora we believe in a continuous and complete service for our clients. Our philosophy is to offer complete assistance to customers, partners and installation companies.

Customer training

The renewable energy sector is constantly evolving, improving our products day by day, from solar energy we listen to our clients and from this synergy, we create the training department, to be trained in the latest technologies of the sector.

The theoretical and practical courses that we do, are oriented to the different profiles that exist in a solar project with our technology.

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50196 La Muela, Zaragoza (España)

Customer service

Customized studies by our specialists in hybrid solar panels, will give you support at all times so you do not have problems with the installation of our products, because joining the planet abora provides multile advantages, and this is one of them, knowing that you have the backing of a great company.


Abora Hybrid Calc

Our technicians have specific software, made to measure for solar radiation, which calculates the installations with the parameters that our technicians give us, always fulfilling the client’s needs and with the current regulations.

Contact with us

You have doubts? Do you want a personalized study? Fill out the form and answer as soon as possible. You can also contact by phone:

Phone: +34 876 24 70 96

Office hours: Monday to Friday 8.00h - 17.00h