The energy of the present and the future

Solar energy has multiple advantages that place it as one of the renewable energies with more future projection worldwide.
These are its main qualities:


Unlike energies generated by fossil fuels, solar energy does not have limits. Solar radiation is abundant and in endless.


Solar energy does not free dangerous carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Having sustainable energy solutions without carbon is essential to slow down climate change and prevent the environment from more harm.


Anyone can take advantage of solar energy. Making a solar panel installation will provide you with immediate savings in your electricity and hot water bills and, in the long term, huge economic benefits.

How do we take advantage of the solar energy?

The sun provides two different types of energy:

Thermosolar Energy

It is generated by the heat of the sun and used to produce hot water. Thermal solar collectors absorb and concentrate solar heat and transfer it to a fluid (water). This liquid will be lead through pipes to be used in buildings and installations.

Photovoltaic Energy

It is generated by the light and used to produce electricity. Photovoltaic solar cells have the so called photovoltaic effect, by which certain materials are able to absorb photons (light particles) and release electrons, generating electricity that way.

Hybrid solar panel

Abora’s Hybrid Solar Panels take advantage of both types of energy simultaneously and maximize the effects by benefiting from each other. Thanks to aHTech®, Abora has developed the most efficient solar panels in the entire world. That way they are able to generate the maximum amount of energy by m2 in the roof of any building.

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