Innovation is our energy

Many awards recognize our determination for innovation. Abora has dedicated huge efforts to constantly develop solar technology, so as to become a role model in the industry.

Our R&D projects


aHTech®, hybrid solar technology

Abora uses great part of its resources to keep improving the efficiency of the hybrid solar panel. As a company, we are the worldwide mentor on this technology. Thanks to that, we can affirm that our panels are the most efficient ones in the market at the moment.

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Abora Monitor

Abora Hybrid Monitor is a complete monitoring tool open for our customers. It allows them to check the savings that the installation generates live and from any device.

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Abora Hybrid Calc

This computing tool is a complete simulator that allows to calculate your hybrid solar installation, in which you will be able to know your estimated economic savings, CO2 emissions saved to the atmosphere, cost and amortization of the installation.

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My Hybrid Project

Abora Hybrid Calc’s little brother is MyHybridProject. It is an open and versatile online tool through which anyone can simulate the approximate performance of a solar panel installation.

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Innovation in all scopes

We complement our R&D strategy with the development of internal strategies. We believe that innovation can be applied in every kind of process, carrying out improvements to optimize our company.

“We are proud to design and develop technical solutions that allow us to inhabit a more balance world focused on the well-being of people and the planet, all together with an excellent team of professionals for a sustainable world.”
Marta Cañada, ABORA - CTO