Abora Solar’s history

Published On: 05/01/2022-3.4 min read-

Alejandro del AmoIt all started with Dr. Alejandro del Amo, an internationally recognised expert in the renewable energy sector, and his research work on his thesis on the hybrid solar panel. At the same time, together with Vicente Zarate, Fernando Perez and Roberto Pac, he participated in the Spanish Solar Decathlon.

Not stopping there, Dr. Alejo del Amo and his team continued to improve the hybrid technology. Together they developed the world’s most efficient hybrid solar panel.

Based on this innovation, in 2017 he decided to create his own company to manufacture hybrid solar panels with his technology, surrounding himself with top professionals and experts in his sector, Marta Cañada, Vicente Zárate, Fernando Pérez and Ricardo Lara: this was the beginning of Abora. Solar.



 What is our trajectory?

Abora and its technology are backed by several investment groups, allowing us to expand rapidly and increase our workforce. In our first few years of existence, we have exponentially increased our sales of hybrid solar installations, having promoted our innovative product at trade fairs around the world and won prestigious international awards.

Abora’s vocation is to expand its product internationally and offer its aHTech® solar technology as a response to the ecological challenges facing the world, while meeting the energy needs of the population. In line with this idea, we have several installations in various European and Latin American countries, as well as prospecting studies in countries on all five continents.

Abora Solar mission and values

Our primary mission is to maximise the profitability of environmental resources. In other words, our goal is to make renewable energy, especially solar energy, accessible to everyone, both financially and in terms of functionality. Abora is based on three pillars: innovation, quality and responsibility.

We have always emphasised innovation and the development of hybrid solar technology. You could say that these are the two driving forces behind Abora. Our goal is to continuously improve its hybrid technology and innovate in all company processes. By remaining an innovative force in technology, Abora aims to become the international benchmark in the solar sector.

Abora’s second pillar is quality. In fact, quality standards are our priority both in the manufacturing process and in the final product. Aware of the expectations and demands of our customers and partners, we constantly strive to meet quality standards in the manufacture and production of our product. At Abora everything is thought through from start to finish, so our customers can be sure that they are acquiring a quality product designed, developed and produced in Spain.

Finally, Abora is a company committed to the future.  We are committed to the environment and we are convinced that the energy of tomorrow is renewable energy, especially solar energy. Faced with a changing world that needs to make decisions, we want to position ourselves as the solution for tomorrow’s world in the face of the challenges that lie ahead.

Who makes it possible?

There is a saying that goes “alone we go fast but together we go further”, this is a perfect description of Abora Solar. It all started with the idea and dream of one man, to develop the most efficient hybrid solar panel on the market, a dream that became a reality thanks to the teamwork and involvement of everyone in the company.

This teamwork is divided into several departments: the technical and R&D department, led by Marta Cañada, where the hybrid solar technology is designed, thought out and developed; the manufacturing department, led by Vicente Zarate, where the hybrid solar panel is manufactured on a high quality production line and each product is subjected to comprehensive quality control; and the sales department, led by Bianca Sagarra, where each salesperson accompanies the customer in all phases of the installation, before, during and after.

But all this would not be possible without you and without our collaborators and partners who accompany us in our project. Abora is you.


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